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Ledo prevail Steel Index rallied 17

17 domestic steel index (Myspic) composite index stabilized rebound, reported 126.66 points, up 0.23 percent over the previous day. Pollution control steel production is expected to strengthen the State Department message, while iron ore over the weekend, Tangshan billet prices also rose sharply, making today's domestic SCREW, electronic trading opened higher strength, was significantly boosted market sentiment. Steel spot market were mixed, hot rolled coil, thread and other species rebound, but the cold plate, galvanized steel, seamless pipe and other varieties remained decline.

With the State Council executive meeting pollution control measures ten news came out, the market for steel production is expected to be enhanced, together with the last weekend of iron ore, steel prices there was a substantial pull up, market sentiment has been boosted. It also makes today of snails, electronic trading opened higher on stronger side by side, the spot market in pull up under the high case, all varieties have stabilized stabilized or rebound. Steel Association data show that in late May crude steel forecast average daily production was 2.154 million tons, down 1.4% MoM late. Steel prices continued to slump, but also at the consumer off-season, while iron ore prices rebound significantly, the late steel production power or be enhanced, will help ease the contradiction between supply and demand in the steel market. Data show that the end of May, the total focus of CISA member of steel stocks 12.59 million tons, representing a reduction of 720,000 tons in mid, and five varieties of steel inventory Mysteel monitoring also continued to decline from the previous week. From today's point of view market transactions, no significant improvement in downstream demand, and in the short term as well as the size of the Fed's QE reduce the risk of hot money speculation or to continue to put pressure on the steel market, but with the major economies stabilize the macro side, the domestic economy improved, the steel city or are hovering at the bottom of the stage.

Flat products index rallied on the 17th, reported 115.38 points, up 0.38 percent over the previous day. Among them, the plate and hot rolled coil index rose 0.12% and 0.60% respectively. Today, the domestic plate market stabilized stabilized, Shanghai, Beijing, Chongqing and other price stability in most markets, Guangzhou, Kunming, Xi'an and other places still 10-30 yuan / ton decline ranging, Tianjin, Shenyang and other places rose slightly ʱ?? One week at the beginning of the spiral, electronic trading rose, the fact that some steel mills spot ex-factory price increases, which makes some dealers offer also appear tentative rise. On the Shanghai market, the neighboring Wuxi, Jiangyin and other places broad 40-50 yuan / ton, the Shanghai stock market dealers increase the price accordingly, but showed little reaction to the end user, offer almost no high business turnover, low shipping is also very general. Although some steel mills have maintenance news, market resources supply pressure slightly eased, but the downstream demand is always dull, so short-term domestic medium plate market is still weak consolidation based. 17, 23 major markets nationwide Cape 20mm medium plate prices were flat last Friday rose 2 yuan / ton to 3,591 yuan / ton.

Driven by the rise in long-term high, today the national hot rolled coil market rise significantly, the market fell slightly in addition to Urumqi, Guangzhou, Fuzhou and other places outside of price stability, Shanghai, Tianjin, Beijing and other most markets appear to rise more concentrated in between 10-30 yuan / ton, including Hangzhou, Nanjing, Handan rose 50-60 yuan / ton. Last weekend raw material prices rise, repressed during the Dragon Boat Festival demand part outbreak, along with the early opening of the spiral higher, increase market inquiry phone, merchants hesitation cautious attitude changed recently, after the chaos of individual merchants began to pull up, pull up the afternoon gradually calmed down. On supply and demand fundamentals, not much changed, the overall market sentiment is weak. In addition, the Anshan Iron and Steel July hot rolled coil prices remained unchanged in June, other concessions temporarily clear, taking into account the market price is still upside down with the arrival of the cost, the more depressed mood on dealers. The above information, HRC market continues to rebound still weak support expected calmed down after prices soaring, traders should still exercise caution. 17, 24 major markets nationwide 3.0mm hot rolled coil prices higher than the previous 17 yuan / ton, reported 3621 yuan / ton, including Tianjin market rose 30 yuan / ton.

Longs index bottomed microliter June 17, reported 139.08 points, up 0.04 percent over the previous day. Lo afternoon on the main 1310 contract high and volatile, rose 1.93 percent to close 3477. Today, the domestic building materials market rebound, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Fuzhou, Tianjin and other places 10-50 yuan / ton rose, Shijiazhuang, Guangzhou, Taiyuan, Kunming and other places are still partial dropping, Beijing, more than half of the market price and the basic unchanged from Friday. Weekend iron ore, steel billet prices both rebounded, there are reports that NDRC completed one year ahead "five" emission reduction plan, a lot of positive boost, snail opened sharply higher today on stronger spot market mentality as a whole better. Most early market introduction of flat plate cautious, but then pulled up in the market under the atmosphere of general rise in the East China market, many businesses also adjourn the session. A rise in the atmosphere, the part of the site began to release stimulated procurement, the actual transaction bargaining also been reduced. Pull up the current market enthusiasm still, there are some sites need building materials market is expected in the short term is expected to continue to take advantage of pull up. 17, the Shanghai market HRB400 (20mm) rebar prices higher than the previous 20 yuan / ton.

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