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Star Technology fund-raising 1.4 billion set by the layout of the diamond cutting line

The new electricity reform policies gradually fall, photovoltaic industry to pick up, with the relevant supporting companies have expansion. Stellar Technologies has announced its intention to non-public offering no more than 200 million shares, raising total funds not more than 1.427 billion yuan, net proceeds after deducting expenses will be used for investment, "an annual output of 12 million km ultra-fine diamond line" project.

It is understood that a total investment of about 1.45 billion yuan in the project, the construction period is two years, to be the production of ultra-fine diamond wire is mainly used in cutting solar wafers, sapphire, gallium arsenide single crystal materials, such as new materials, ultra-fine diamond wire application development is closely related to the market and the photovoltaic industry, sapphire applications, new materials processing.

Star Technology predicts that the project is put into production can be realized sales income of 1.036 billion yuan, an average annual after-tax profit of 337 million yuan, the investment profit margin 30.94%, static investment payback period of 6.46 years (including construction period of 2 years).

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