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Because of the company production development, special recruitment of the following:

First, the technical staff

Requirements: 1, familiar with the various positions carbide workflow and technical requirements, to solve practical problems in the production process.

2, powder metallurgy related undergraduate graduation, more than three years, subject to the same job practical experience, qualifications can be relaxed to college.

Treatment: 3,000 or more, may be negotiable.

Second, skilled workers pressing, sintering workers

Requirements: 1, familiar with the work processes and job skills requirements, to deal with common problems in production.

2, powder metallurgy, hard alloy industry same position for more than 1 year experience, secondary and higher education.

Salary: Negotiable.

Other: The company offers midday meals, we can provide dormitories and purchase pension, medical, work injury and other social insurance.

Location: Hubei Jingzhou Shashi District Two Wu Road 39.

Tel: 0716-8509198 0716-8508879


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