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The quality policy of Kingco Carbide: Relying on science and technology; Items hard and durable; continual improvement; customer satisfaction. Company business philosophy of Kingco Carbide: Creating value for customer; Self-actualization for employee; Increase wealth for society. We are looking forward to cooperate with you and wish to create new outstanding achievements.

Mainly to do the following work:

1, determine the quality of business objectives: uphold science and  technology enterprises, the establishment of ISO9001: 2000 quality  assurance system, a brand name, customer satisfaction continue to  provide quality products and excellent service.
    2, human resources, reserves of technical and management professionals in a certain number. The establishment of a Daying Zhang workforce.
      3,  in the management, establish a "people-oriented, shelf-life efficiency"  concept, the establishment of a quality system, the formation of a  disciplined work program closed loop, effective control of the  production process in all aspects, played an enthusiasm of the staff, so  Enterprise Management benign operation.
     4, market development, enterprise established the "consolidation of  the domestic, export development, the scale of management, quality win"  business strategy, adopted flexible marketing strategies, product market  share increase year by year.
   5, customer service areas: enterprise firmly establish the "customer  is God," the idea of "customer satisfaction" for the inspection of the  effectiveness of the only criterion.
    Kingco Carbide, whether past, present or  future, are inseparable from the customer support and love. We  sincerely look forward to your continuing and customer care, support  and collaboration, and we will be through their own efforts and constant  innovation, strengthen management, improve quality, with good products,  good quality, good service, you will never become true Partner.
    We will work harder to make new friends, not forgetting old, strict quality control, the qualified products to the customer. Improve work efficiency for enterprises to take off, and make greater contribution.
    Welcome  customers to Kingco Carbide, our products will  satisfy your need, we can provide you competitive prices, our service will  give you satisfaction.

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