Hubei Kingco Materials Technology Co., Ltd. is a world-class Materials company, leading the production of petroleum, machinery industry in Hubei, China. Hubei Kingco Materials Technology Co., LTD. With its industry leading processes with many varied cemented carbide products and valve accessories, makes itself the most homogeneous of the professional manufacturers for this product; in a record production year, Hubei Kingco Materials Technology Co. Ltd. Based on ever growing demands for product built a new production facility, covering an area of 8000 square meters, construction area of more than 5000 square meters in 2009. The factory maintains mission critical production and testing equipment of more than 200 sets. The production of non-standard cemented carbide products strength continues to have significant increase from the market place and Hubei Kingco Materials Technology Co., Ltd. Is making breakthrough achievements to see that the market has the product it needs. The factory’s advanced technology and high quality servicing of cemented carbide industry, and most importantly as a continued commitment to our customer, it has passed the ISO 9001 quality management system certification in August, 2010.

The company has accumulated 10 years of hard alloy professional production experience, has a group of high-quality staff team. Company to the production of high difficulty of hard alloy non-standard product features; to fine processing of a variety of complex shaped hard alloy products for specialty; quality service in China and in the world of oil equipment, oil drilling enterprises as its mission, the product marketing in Daqing, Shengli, Jianghan, Kramer according to domestic oil and petroleum machinery manufacturing base and North America, the Middle East market, won the major users.

Hubei Kingco Materials Technology Co., Ltd has worked successfully to fully implement accurate ISO Quality production of high difficulty and hard alloy, non- standard products in the complex shapes and sizes required for hard alloy specialty drills and oil rig equipment while continuing to focus on all specialty work, top rated quality service in China and for all of the World’s market place.  We are currently product marketing in Daqing, Shengli and Jianghan.  Kramer, according to many domestic oil and petroleum machinery manufacturing has been selected to have been one of the major users in North America, the Middle East market

Our main products:

•Oil drilling with cone bit and PDC bit (PDC) supporting the use of the cemented carbide nozzles

•Wireless logging while drilling with precision carbide wear parts 

•Oil and gas reservoir fracturing with hydraulic jet nozzle and other precision hard alloy mould and other products.

Hubei Kingco Materials Technology Co., Ltd -

Our companies continue to adhere to being the “leader in science and technology, coupled with solid and durable measurements to insure we are making  continuous improvement in all phases of our business. Customer satisfaction continues to lead in all we do. Our commitment to the quality of our product and service, and a continual review of how to improve is the benchmark by which all ISO companies will want to look toward our standards for improvement. , 

At Hubei Kingco Materials Technology Co., Ltd -, every action leads to our commitment to create value for the customer, provide employee self-realization and increase wealth for society This Business Philosophy, is our way of joining hands with the customer, to create brilliance!

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